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Private Dive Charters

If you choose to dive with Catalyst you will need to book a private charter. Captain Alan is a PADI certified dive instructor and can teach a resort course for those who have never been diving or take your group to locations to dive by yourselves. Avoid the crowded dive sites and waiting in line to enter the water. A private trip costs $1500 for the boat and diving is charged per diver at a rate of $50 per dive.  


If not everyone in your party is a diver that's ok too. Most of our dive locations can be snorkeled as well. We have other water toys and of course, just sunning on the bow floating in the Caribbean waters is nice too. 


A Private trip provides all the dive gear, instruction if needed, a dive guide, lunch, towels, sunscreen and rum punch after the diving has been completed. 


If you are interested in a private dive charter please fill out the form below so we can contact you about your trip. 

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